* The Pod is waterproof to 7.6 m for up to 60 minutes (IPX8 rating). Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) is not waterproof. It should not be placed in or near water.


Get ready for freedom from tubing.
OmniPod® gives you unparalleled freedom to help live life on your terms.

Sleep In

Sleep In

With uninterrupted insulin delivery there's no reason to disconnect, so you can sleep later and worry less about injection time.



With no tubes, you can easily wear the OmniPod® biking, to the gym, or however you like to stay fit.

Shower & Swim

Shower & Swim

The OmniPod® System is waterproof*, so there's no need to disconnect to take a shower, or even a refreshing swim.


Be Flexible with Food

The OmniPod® System's PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager) allows you to enter Carb Presets for all your favourite foods, snacks, and even entire meals.



A PDM you don't have to wear and a small Pod that you can wear almost anywhere means no one needs to know you're even wearing an insulin pump. That's up to you.

Kid Approved

Virtually Pain Free2

The cannula inserts automatically at the push of a button, with no injection needles in sight.

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