In the age of “Metoo” and other vengeful hashtags, one may wonder about the conditions of women and how they play online. We’ve seen many debates in online video games where women have been scorned to say the least, when they weren’t simply harassed by geeks lulled too close to the wall. It’s always hard to know if a phenomenon is widespread or if it’s the magnifying glass effect that makes it a major trend. In the world of online gambling, women are increasingly present and becoming targets for marketing. Studies have shown the differences in the perception of gambling, how they play, and the role they are given.

Old casino stereotypes vs. reality

While women are playing more and more, online casinos are having a hard time letting go of the stereotypical images of the sexy woman with the James Bon of a man throwing dice at the craps table. Let’s face it, even in 2021, newly created casinos are going to use this iconography. Even if it’s a cliché, they are pretty women or beautifully photoshopped women. We find in these choices an ancestral mentality of casinos where men go to play. Just remember the movies that have gambling as a theme. A player is a man, and women look at him and rave about his daring. Online casinos are no exception to this somewhat retrograde view. Objectively, in the last decade, this choice of theme is much rarer. You can even find more girly or at least less gendered themes. Slot machines are not spared, and the millionaire’s fantasy with a big car and a pretty blonde on his arm has inspired many game software editors. We can even go further with the new wave of casino games, the live casino. The principle is simple and all the rage. The player connects to a real gaming table with a flesh and blood croupier who will animate the game and thus offer a unique immersion to the players. Well, I’ll tell you, the dealer is a pretty young woman in 98% of the cases! It should be noted that some of them adapt their promotional offers and offer bonuses tailored to women. As everywhere in the world, things are progressing slowly but surely.

Are females the gamblers in their own right?

A study by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation looked at the behaviour of female gamblers. If we discover without surprise that women are less numerous than men, we notice that their presence is more and more frequent. From 10% in the ’90s, they are now almost equal to men since 46% of casino players are women. We don’t necessarily see this on the online casino tables. Some of them prefer to use non-gender specific nicknames to avoid the balls, which fortunately are rare in the e.gaming world where real game enthusiasts can be found. Women prefer to play thinking games, such as table games, while men are mostly motivated by the ease of slot machines.

Female gamblers are more reasonable when it comes to betting. They are less thrill-seeking and prefer to play smaller bets to enjoy the game longer. This leads to another major difference in addiction. Women are significantly less at risk for compulsive gambling. Another very interesting fact is that female gambler is particularly fond of smartphones. A study has just shown that they spend more than 35% of their time on mobile casinos than men!

Women are full-fledged gamblers and almost equal to men in terms of numbers. For online casinos, this means that it is time to adapt to this clientele, which could significantly increase the number of users.