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India is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency adopters, with the country’s people adopting the digital currency wholeheartedly. Of course, given that the country has the world’s second-largest population, this is perhaps unsurprising, but the fact that they enjoy gambling has also aided in the rise of digital assets.
Many gaming operators as well as best bitcoin casinos have noticed this increase and are considering implementing a variety of payment alternatives that will allow them to enter the industry while remaining relevant. Naturally, this has resulted in an increase in the number of bitcoin casino websites where Indians may now play their favourite games.
Many of these services have recently arrived in the country, which is why this type of payment method has become one of the most convenient for many gambling enthusiasts.

Why has crypto gambling been able to achieve a high level of popularity?

India, as previously stated, has the world’s second-largest population, with over a billion people living in the country. This figure is second only to China, and it is unlikely to be surpassed by any other country in the near future. Furthermore, as previously stated, gambling is a popular pastime for many people and owing to a variety of factors; many people have turned to online platforms to indulge in their passion.
Furthermore, one reason why crypto gaming has grown popular is that they have followed the trends that have occurred, which has assisted them in navigating the challenges we have covered above.
Casinos in India are subject to a variety of standards, some of which are strict and others of which are ambiguous, but the usage of cryptocurrency allows them to circumvent these limits and regulations due to the decentralized nature of virtual tokens. As a result, crypto-casinos have been able to thrive and flourish in the country.

Why is crypto the best form of currency for Indians to play with?

Crypto is the best form of currency to gamble with for the Indian population because of its decentralized nature, which means that the transactions they make cannot be regulated. This means that when users want to play a game, they won’t be stopped by financial institutions or payment merchants.
Because these virtual tokens are not linked to the government or the economy in the same way that traditional fiat currency is, they are unregulated. Additionally, those that choose to use them can benefit from features such as the anonymity. This is ideal for those who want to stay anonymous since they are concerned about the legal situation.
Furthermore, transactions are much easier and safer to complete, and they can also be significantly cheaper when utilizing an offshore casino because no currency exchange is required. Cryptocurrency eliminates cross-border obstacles and allows for rapid transfers, allowing gamblers to get back to their favourite pastime as soon as possible.

Notably, any transaction involving cryptography benefits from an additional layer of security provided by blockchain technology. This would give gamers complete transparency over their transactions, as well as the ability to track and trace where their money went and where it originated from. Furthermore, cryptocurrency casinos have a number of security features, such as the usage of proven fairness games, which allow players to check and certify the fairness of the games they are playing to ensure that they are not being defrauded.

Is a cryptocurrency casino suitable for Indians?

With the features and benefits stated above, it is evident that a bitcoin casino should be the only type of online betting platform used by Indians right now.
There are a number of fascinating advantages to following and using one, including the fact that they provide a variety of games that are not available in a typical online casino. Crash games, for example, are now available, and fair games are likely to be viable when using crypto.

Final thoughts

In India, the bitcoin casino sector has thrived, allowing Indians to play some of their favourite games in a way they previously could not.

In the age of “Metoo” and other vengeful hashtags, one may wonder about the conditions of women and how they play online. We’ve seen many debates in online video games where women have been scorned to say the least, when they weren’t simply harassed by geeks lulled too close to the wall. It’s always hard to know if a phenomenon is widespread or if it’s the magnifying glass effect that makes it a major trend. In the world of online gambling, women are increasingly present and becoming targets for marketing. Studies have shown the differences in the perception of gambling, how they play, and the role they are given.

Old casino stereotypes vs. reality

While women are playing more and more, online casinos are having a hard time letting go of the stereotypical images of the sexy woman with the James Bon of a man throwing dice at the craps table. Let’s face it, even in 2021, newly created casinos are going to use this iconography. Even if it’s a cliché, they are pretty women or beautifully photoshopped women. We find in these choices an ancestral mentality of casinos where men go to play. Just remember the movies that have gambling as a theme. A player is a man, and women look at him and rave about his daring. Online casinos are no exception to this somewhat retrograde view. Objectively, in the last decade, this choice of theme is much rarer. You can even find more girly or at least less gendered themes. Slot machines are not spared, and the millionaire’s fantasy with a big car and a pretty blonde on his arm has inspired many game software editors. We can even go further with the new wave of casino games, the live casino. The principle is simple and all the rage. The player connects to a real gaming table with a flesh and blood croupier who will animate the game and thus offer a unique immersion to the players. Well, I’ll tell you, the dealer is a pretty young woman in 98% of the cases! It should be noted that some of them adapt their promotional offers and offer bonuses tailored to women. As everywhere in the world, things are progressing slowly but surely.

Are females the gamblers in their own right?

A study by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation looked at the behaviour of female gamblers. If we discover without surprise that women are less numerous than men, we notice that their presence is more and more frequent. From 10% in the ’90s, they are now almost equal to men since 46% of casino players are women. We don’t necessarily see this on the online casino tables. Some of them prefer to use non-gender specific nicknames to avoid the balls, which fortunately are rare in the e.gaming world where real game enthusiasts can be found. Women prefer to play thinking games, such as table games, while men are mostly motivated by the ease of slot machines.

Female gamblers are more reasonable when it comes to betting. They are less thrill-seeking and prefer to play smaller bets to enjoy the game longer. This leads to another major difference in addiction. Women are significantly less at risk for compulsive gambling. Another very interesting fact is that female gambler is particularly fond of smartphones. A study has just shown that they spend more than 35% of their time on mobile casinos than men!

Women are full-fledged gamblers and almost equal to men in terms of numbers. For online casinos, this means that it is time to adapt to this clientele, which could significantly increase the number of users.

Given the virtual world of bitcoin, it perfectly fits online casinos for one simple reason: they are in the same universe, the virtual one. So bitcoin and online casinos are on the same page. They are compatible and accessible to each other with ease. What’s more, bitcoin, through its secure electronic system, provides a guarantee of security for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. So it’s no surprise that dozens of online casinos accept bitcoin like this well-known listing of the best bitcoin casino Canada sites, and more and more are adding it to their platforms every day.

How to deposit bitcoin at an online casino?

Depositing bitcoins at online casinos is instantaneous. This means that you don’t have to wait to use bitcoin in the games offered by the chosen casino. However, there is a subtlety from one brand to another. This is the potential conversion to a national currency and not to BTC. Let’s take the case where you play with bitcoins without conversion to a dollar. Here, the casino will be confronted with players who advocate the use of an ever-changing digital value. Thus, the result is a simple niche for a bitcoin value at V, and withdrawals in a week, month, or year, for a value V+1. This is why even without gambling, bettors using bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency can be winners as well as losers. The most recurrent case on Canadian bitcoin casinos is the deposit allowed in cryptocurrency, but with a live conversion against the national currency, you still depend on it daily.

How to withdraw bitcoins from online casinos?

Bitcoin withdrawals from online casinos are quite rare. In any case, these are always done with the national currency, depending on your geolocation. The money transfer can naturally be done in the direction of your e-wallet, but upgrading to the new value of the cryptocurrency. As a result, online casinos are significantly less likely to lose out, as are players who have to catch the right moment in order to make the withdrawal of winnings, with processing times of less than two hours.

By comparison, withdrawal times in the form of bank transfers take between two and seven business days. A big difference, although once again, the possibility of playing directly in bitcoins turns out to be very limited, while the use of dollars, pounds sterling, or any other national currencies turns out to be the unchanged reference. The one and only reason was given for this is that the fluctuation of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is far too high.

Using Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency to play in online casinos has many advantages. Starting with extremely fast transactions, which will allow players to deposit and withdraw their winnings in just a few seconds. This means that you can immediately have your stake in your virtual wallet, whereas a traditional transfer can take several days.

Bitcoin is also an extremely secure payment method. Each of your transactions will be encrypted, which offers you optimal protection and reduces the risk of piracy.

Since it does not depend on traditional banks and therefore does not need intermediaries, crypto-currency can be used and exchanged without any fees. This is great news and represents a significant saving for all players. Furthermore, the entire amount will be delivered to you in Bitcoin by the online casino, and no taxes will be charged (in the absence of regulation).

And for those who do not wish to share their passion for gambling, know that transactions made in crypto-currencies are absolutely anonymous.

What is cryptocurrency volatility?

But before switching from a classic casino to a Bitcoin casino, you should also understand the disadvantages that this can present. After all, virtual currencies are still a new world, which requires a little practice to master.

The first thing you need to understand is that crypto-currencies are, by nature, volatile. Their decentralization implies very fluctuating exchange rates, which can change in the course of a day. It’s good news if its price soars since your earnings will automatically increase. But if it doesn’t, you can lose a lot of money.

However, there is a very simple solution to this. That is, to keep a close eye on the evolution of your crypto-currency and convert it into dollars as soon as its price starts to fall. Betting in Bitcoin, therefore, requires a lot of vigilance.

This vigilance also applies to the creation of your virtual wallet. It’s crucial to put in place several safeguards to avoid hacking (which would mean losing your winnings). Make sure you use a platform that has two logins and choose the most complex password possible.

In fact, this disadvantage also applies to online banks. So if the volatility of Bitcoin doesn’t scare you, on the contrary, move on to the next step: choosing your crypto casino!

Created in 2009 by a Japanese man whose face no one has ever seen, Satoshi Nakamato, Bitcoin has completely turned online payment methods upside down. This virtual currency, or cryptocurrency, has the advantage of being entirely decentralized, and therefore not dependent on traditional banks. Very popular with individuals who have skyrocketed its value, Bitcoin has also attracted the attention of online casinos, which are increasingly offering it as a payment method.

Between the possibilities of instant payouts or growing your winnings after cashing them in, Bitcoin has many advantages for players as well. But the Igaming sector, and in particular casinos using crypto-currency, is still in its infancy. Hence the need to also take into account the disadvantages it presents, especially its volatility.

But in fact, crypto-currencies and especially bitcoin, are now part of the life of Canadians in 2019. On the web, its use has become common. In the world of online casinos, this digital currency allows making transactions, purchases and bets online in order to try to win money through slot machines or gaming tables. However, this is not equal to all structures, and various authorities do not follow this route. At a time when online casinos are trying to accept a maximum of payment methods for player deposits and withdrawals, a growing number of platforms are allowing cryptocurrencies. Very trendy, virtual currencies can now be used to play slot machines and table games.

Cryptocurrencies Take Over Online Casinos

Unless you haven’t turned on the Internet, television or radio in over 6 years, you’ve probably already heard about crypto-currencies and their incredible potential. Cryptocurrencies have become an integral part of online gambling establishments. Currently, there is a multitude of casinos that accept bitcoins, guaranteeing optimal entertainment. All you need is a web browser or applications for your Androids or iPhones to play online from no-download portals.

Behind this concept, there are virtual currencies that do not really have any physical existence. In other words, don’t expect to touch any coins or banknotes since your money is only accessible on an account thanks to identifiers that you must keep safe. And yet, you will play and win in real money, with virtual currency and virtual games. 

Beyond their form, virtual currencies have another particularity: they are not subject to any control, whether it comes from a bank or a government.

In recent months, Bitcoin, in particular, has been a global success. It must be said that those who wanted to democratize it have been able to highlight its real advantages, namely allowing financial transactions to be carried out anonymously for users and not paying any bank fees when making payments for companies.

Add to that, the soaring price of Bitcoin during 2018 and all the ingredients were there for this virtual currency to take hold. But it has managed to bring with it other cryptocurrencies given that LiteCoin, Ethereum or even Ripple are also appealing to a growing number of users.

However, until recently, there was a brake on this development since few websites, except those in the DarkNet which thugs used to launder their money, accepted payment in bitcoin. Today, many e-commerce platforms, even famous ones, have taken up the idea, which has helped to democratize cryptocurrencies in our everyday lives.