Interruptions cause problems

People with diabetes choose continuous insulin delivery over multiple daily injections for many reasons. It's more convenient. There are no schedules or injections, which enhances compliance. But the main advantage is the reduction of highs and lows. That means better control—and a lower risk of complications, now and in the future. And that is where the OmniPod® System shines.

A prospective, open-label study, published in Diabetes Care, measured the impact of short-term infusion set disconnects on glucose levels. The unequivocal conclusion: A "30-minute interruption of basal insulin infusion resulted in significant glucose elevation; ~0.06 mmol/L for each minute basal insulin infusion was interrupted."1 Even short-term interruption of insulin delivery can cause blood glucose levels to rise and remain elevated for hours post-interruption.

Because the Pod is applied directly to your body, you don't have to take it off to shower, play sports, or be intimate.

1. Zisser H. Quantifying the impact of a short-interval interruption of insulin-pump infusion sets on glycemic excursions. Diabetes Care. 2008;31:238-239.