A very simple system.

Just two pieces. Pod and PDM.

The Pod and PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager) communicate wirelessly to deliver continuous insulin based on your personal settings — giving you what you ask for, when you ask for it. Just keep the PDM within 5 feet of the Pod to program a bolus. Stay in range, stay in control. Simple enough.

A small, lightweight, waterproof* pod is easy to apply and wear

  • Built-in 200-unit insulin reservoir, angled infusion set, automated inserter, delivery mechanism, and power supply
  • Weighs just 25 grams with an empty reservoir
  • Automatic insertion at the push of a button, with no needles in sight
  • Pink slide insert window to ensure the cannula has deployed
  • Strong adhesive
  • Durable, waterproof exterior shell

A handheld PDM wirelessly manages your personal insulin delivery

  • Built-in FreeStyle blood glucose (BG) meter
  • Large color screen with bright mode option
  • Customizable ID screen
  • Test strip port light for low-light conditions
  • Suggested bolus calculator (also calculates insulin on board)
  • Port to download stored your records into clear reports and charts
  • Intuitive prompts, like "Are you going to eat now?"

The Pod has a waterproof IPX8 rating for up to 7.6m for 60 minutes.
The PDM is not waterproof.
FreeStyle and related brand marks are trademarks of Abbott Diabetes